Wednesday, February 24, 2016

March 2016 Visiting Teaching Message- Created in the Image of God- FREEBIE

I really wanted to get the visiting teaching printable for March done today for all of you early birds(not me).  I was struggling with it and just couldn't make anything work.  My computer was being crazy-I'm sure it can't be the fact that my little boy spilled his orange juice on my space bar.  (Any tips for that would be great)  Usually, once I start, the ideas just come and the design goes pretty quickly, but not today.  I took and break and said a little prayer.

So long story short, I came up with 2 printables for you today!  Once I finally got started, it just came easy.  Hope you enjoy them.  

Right click on the image and save and it is yours.  

Please link back to this image if you share and please feel free to share!:)

I'm grateful for all of you that come back every month!  It is so great to see the numbers rising each month. Hopefully this helps, even just a little, in making it easier to get out and go visiting teaching.

Wouldn't this be cute with some sugar cookies?  Maybe I'll attempt the pretty ones with the royal icing to match the cute polka dot one.  IF I do, I will be sure to share the picture, but that is a BIG IF!! So if you make any, please share your picture with us!!  
Thanks again...Enjoy!