Saturday, January 3, 2015

CTR 7 LESSON 1 FREE Printables- Choose the Right

Just as I was starting to find my groove as a Sunbeam teacher....I got moved to CTR 7.  I am super excited to have a big class full of ALL Boys.  I will feel right at home here!!

This lesson is on Choosing the Right.  Following along with the lesson, print off these name tags and have the children write their names.  You can print on cardstock to make them stronger!!  I might even laminate them and bring a permanent marker to use.  

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We always have plenty of time for games and other fun things, so I made a memory game to play.  I am going to print these, and laminate them so I can use them again for a lesson or family home evening.  

Enjoy!!  Good luck with the 1st Sunday of new classes!!

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