Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Easy Valentines Day Craft for Kids

Here is a simple and easy craft to do with your little ones today!  You can start with construction paper or a canvas would be adorable too!!  My 3 year old loved doing this!  My 5 year old wanted to use cereal instead of "the girl stuff"!  

 You'll need a glue stick, or any glue you have.

 Paper or a canvas (maybe painted with stripes, cute!!)  Simply draw a guide for your child to use.  It doesn't have to be a heart!  Use your imagination
Pom poms or cereal if you have a little boy that doesn't like "the girl stuff". 

 Start by helping put the glue on and then adding your pom pom.  This would be a fun way to teach patterns as well.  Once the outside is done, go ahead and fill in the middle!  
We had so much fun doing this together!  You can even start with sorting all the different colors into their own bowl!  

Super easy, but really fun!  What are some of your GO TO crafts to keep your kids busy?