Monday, January 20, 2014

Visiting Teaching handouts!! Free PRINTABLE-UPDATED NEW VERSION ADDED


(new bundle available)
click on picture to go to download

In my attempt to become a better visiting teacher, I made these little cards to give to each lady that I am supposed to visit!  I will write my name and number on one line and put my companions name and number on the other.

This will make it super easy to stop by and introduce myself if I don't know them already AND give them a card they can put on the fridge (INCLUDE A MAGNET) or tape it wherever they will see it often!

I hope this helps you to get out and visit your sisters too!  Just click and save and it is yours!  This one is a 5x7 or the one below is already made 2 to a page to make it nice and easy!  See, no excuses ladies!! :)  I am mainly talking to myself here:) 

I would love you to leave a comment if you download this and let me know what your goal is to become a better visiting teacher this year!!  And all of you amazing sisters out there that are pros at it, advice would be GREAT!!  

HINT HINT....I am REALLY hoping for some comments here!!