Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Free Valentines Be Mine Printables

I am so excited for this time of year!  Crazy?  I know, this is usually the time of year that isn't great, the weather....TONS of snow ...........COLD temps........and just blah, but I love it.  I got married in February, close to Valentines Day.  So this time of year takes me back to the time when we were planning the wedding and just enjoying that time of life.  Now, almost 8 years and 4 little boys later, I am still so happy I made the choice I did!  I married a great guy that loves me and our little boys and we love him!  

I just might make a lot of these Valentine printables just because I love this holiday!  Hope you enjoy them! 
So here are the details, they are both 
11x14's( should shrink down fine)
just click and save and its yours!!

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