Sunday, November 3, 2013

You are my sunshine- Free printable

So I made this printable to share with all of you, but when I upload it to blogger the color looks off!  Hopefully its not a big deal and it will print out just fine!  If you have any problems, let me know!

Click and save my friends and its yours!  Follow me over there on the right!  Also I have a pinterest page.  My link at the side isn't working so you can find me at Jamie @Mimileecanbe!  I also have a board called Mimi Lee Printables!

I ALSO have a new feature on my blog that makes it easier to PIN things to Pinterest.

 Hover over the image you want to pin, a P will pop up!  Simply click on the P and it will take you to Pinterest so you can pin it in the place you want!

Thanks for pinning and for the emails and comments.  I love positive feedback!  Hope you are enjoying this time change!  I'm all for an "extra" hour of sleep!!