Thursday, April 28, 2011

Relief Society Wizard of Oz Night

Follow the yellow brick road....

This was an amazing night. We got the idea off of sugardoodle and decided to just run with it. We had this cute yellow brick road that we followed along our journey.
This night was all about VISIITING TEACHING!!! We started off in one room being welcomed by who else than Dorthy herself. Cute Pam dressed up as Dorthy for us complete with her ruby slippers!! We had the room all decorated like Kansas. We had Dorthy's house, some trees, and things to make it look kind of country. She then led us on our journey to become a better visiting teacher.
We were led to the first room to meet the scarecrow. Holly was the amazing sister that gave us a lesson on "what to do when a situation arises", or using your "BRAIN" when situations arise that get in the way of visiting teaching. It was wonderful.

I wish my camera was better, but here is a picture of our decorations. We had 2 scarecrows on a fence. We also had the coolest paper that looked like a fence behind Holly.

Here is a little look at the lesson that Holly gave. As we got up to go to the next room, we all got certificates saying we now had the "Brain" to be a better visting teacher.

Next we were led to meet the tin man and find our "HEART" .

We were lucky enough to have Denise to supply us with these amazing dolls. We had all of them!! I forgot to get a picture of the scarecrow. Denise had so many things from the Wizard of Oz. Thanks Denise for letting us use them.

Claudia gave us a lesson on "How to serve with a Heart". She always gives such a sweet and spiritual lesson and she did that again. We were all touched and felt the spirit. We left this room with a little foam heart!! We had learned how to serve with Heart.

Next we were led to meet the cowardly lion and to find our courage! Toree did a great job. We love her happy, postive attitude as she teaches. So much fun! We left this room with a gold medal to hang around our necks showing we had the COURAGE!!

We were then led into OZ. We followed the yellow brick road back into the original room we started in. We changed the decorations to be bright and fun, like Oz. We wanted a big contrast between "kansas" and "Oz". In this room we met the Wizard, or Jackie our VT coordinater.

This is cute Pam all dressed up!
Jackie talked to us and inspired us to be better at visiting teaching. She shared stories that truely inspired and made us all want to be better.

She had a few sisters stand up and share stories about visiting teaching that were great. We then went for dessert. Whats an activity without dessert? Ice cream sundaes to be exact. Not sure how that fits in, it just sounded good.:)

This was truely a VERY spiritual experience. We all came away feeling motivated and really wanting to do a better job at visting teaching. I L-O-V-E-D it!!! Our teachers were so amazing and I felt so much better prepared to do my own visiting teaching!! I RECOMMEND this activity or something similar!! It was EXACTLY what we all needed!!!