Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Enrichment Purse Party!!

Updated!! Now includes printable "purse" song/poem

We had the most fun activity last night! It was our purse party. The best part about the party was no one knew what to expect. To announce the party we had invites and a poster that invited everyone to a Purse Party. The only info we gave them was to bring your purse.
It made alot of people wonder!!
We decided to decorate tables with purses, tissue paper, and valentines candy. We had a few people bring their favorite purses. I think the centerpieces turned out fabulous.

When each sister arrived we had her bring her purse to the front and weigh it in. We wrote down everyones name with the weight of the purse on it. It was so fun to see the different weights. They ranged from 1 lb 70 almost 9 lbs!! We had an award for the heaviest purse and the lightest purse. To get the most accurate and easy to read weight you'll want to use a food scale. It tells you pounds and ounces. That was helpful because some purses were a few ounces off from each other.

We also had an on time prize!! This is a new tradition we are going to start in our ward. It is just a small prize but it helps to get sisters there on time!!

Everyone played as an individual and on teams. At the end of the game they had to add up how many items from the list they had individually and as a team. Each table was a team.

We started off by reading one item at at time. Each lady had to dig through their purse and be the first one to find it and hold it up. In some cases we made them run up to the front table or the side table. The person that had the item first got a point. We kept track of the points so they didn't have too. We went through a list of items!! It was hilarious.

The list had tons of different items on it. It ranged from the most coupons......

to the most loose change......

to the most unique item.......a few other items on our list ...calculator, mascara, self defense item, diaper, camera (not on your phone), food, a tool, biggest key chain, article of clothing, costco card, mail, hair item, band aid, and more. All in all we had 25 items. The person that had the most got a prize and the person that got the most the fastest got the quickest draw award!! We had some great prizes. We had 2 free haircuts, some lotion, and candy. The team that had the most all together got these cute littel badges.

After the game was over we had a little message. It talked about what your purse says about you. If you had a black purse it means you are... things like that. Then we had a spiritual message about how we all carry different "purses". It was great!!
We found this cute song on the internet that we sang to the tune of Count Your Many Blessings.

(Right click and save)

We finished off with some yummy Valentine sugar cookies and 7-up! The colors were all pink and red!! It was so cute!!
We had such a great turn out! It was a great activity to get to know people and just have fun!! It was very interactive so everyone felt included, I hope!!

Thanks to everyone that helped!! It was a blast!!