Monday, October 11, 2010

Super Saturday...I mean Friday Ideas

Hello! Its been way too long! I'm happy to say our baby is here and growing like crazy,much too fast I think!

Super Saturday, well for us, Friday is right around the corner! We like to do ours on a Friday night. It seems easier to get all the kids to bed, then come hang out all night! You should try it!

Here are 2 of our project! I'll be posting more tomorrow!

First candy topiaries, its hard to mae Christmas ones because Christmas candy isn't out yet! So this is all we could find! Anything will work though, imagine gum drops, cute, cute, cute!

These are super easy, just need a little creativity!

This next idea i found here. Cute aren't they! They are even cuter when you see them for real!

More to come tomorrow! If you need instructionson anything just leave a comment!