Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fancy Tables!!!

This year for our Relief Society Christmas activity we had a progressive dinner. We went around to a few different homes and had appetizers, then came back to the church for the meal.

It was so sun to see other homes decorated for the holidays. SO MUCH FUN!!!

A few of us were asked to decorate a table, just to make it nicer than eating off of paper plates and to give it a more personal feel to it! I think all the women did a great job with their tables. I am so glad I brought my camera so I could show all of you the wonderful job they did!!

This is table #1. I love it, such cute Christmas dishes and I LOVE the candy in the middle! Table #2 was just beautiful! I wish I would have got a better picture of it. The colors were so pretty and the plates were amazing!
Table #3, How can you not LOVE this, so pretty and classy! That totally describes the lady that did this table. The topiary is my favorite! I think I need to try and make one!

Table #4, So FUN!! It is the perfect table to describe Christmas. It just feels Christmasy! Another pretty table.

Last but not least, My table. My mom was asked to do a table, but wasn't able to get off from work so she asked me to do it. I was a little frantic trying to get everything together (I started an hour before I had to be there, and that included a trip to the Walmart holiday section) so I was running very short on time!
SO here is what I came up with, don't mind the red jam on the table, that isn't part of the display!
All in all I think it turned out pretty well considering the amount of time and money I put into it. Which I can tell you was pretty much nothing!!!

Such a fun evening! We all had a great time and the food was WONDERFUL, homemade chicken cordon blue's and twice baked potatoes that were so yummy! Thanks to everyone who helped make this a great night!