Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Check out this cute Halloween decoration! I wish I could say that I made it, but I didn't! I got it from a local craft store.
I loved them SO much that I thought I would share it with all of you!
Don't you love Halloween decorations?
If you have ANYTHING you'd like to share, email me or leave me a comment! mimileecanbe@gmail.com!!
I'd love to feature some of your Fall or Halloween recipes, ideas, crafts, traditions....
Happy Tuesday!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Halloween Ideas!

One of my favorite places to look for recipes and fun ideas is TASTE OF HOME!! One year for Christmas my mother in law gave me a year subscription to the amazing magazine! I absolutely loved it! Here are a few of their amazing ideas.
Love these Ghost strawberries! All this fun stuff makes me want to throw a Halloween Party just so I can make cute things!

Yum!! Go browse around their website for tons of inspirational ideas.

Love this one!

Sorry so small. Ya thats a black widow spider on those! :)

Probably one of my VERY favorites! And oh so easy!



My MIL made this last year and we LOVED IT!!!!
Hope you enjoy all the fun Halloween ideas. I would still love to feature some of your ideas for Halloween, Fall, or Christmas! Email me mimileecanbe@gmail.com
PS How was your week without candy? Mine, well lets just say, where did all my self discipline go! Well, its a new week, here we go!
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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Found it...

For the pumkins shown below go HERE to the DIY SHOWOFF!!! Enjoy all the fun stuff over there!


Check out this great idea! I was looking around blog land and came across these, but for the life of me I can't remember where I saw them! SO if they are from your site, drop me a line and I will give you the credit and link to you!

If I remember right, they are spraypainted and I LOVE THEM! They rank right up there with my glitter pumpkins from a few years ago! I will show those to you as soon as I can get to all of my decorations in the storage room! That would be our Saturday project, find my decorations and winter clothes! I need to get started cleaning oout closets for the season soon!

PS we finally got ouurselves a van! People tell me I have gone to "THE DARK SIDE":) That makes me laugh! We joined the mini van club! We love it. My boys love it because they ca see outside, they have tons of room, and most imprtantly, they can push a button and shut their own door, usually with mom standing in the way so I get hit by the door as it finally realizes something is in the way and reopens. Little stinkers! Gotta love them!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Lets try this again!!

I was so excited last week to start my no sugar thingy. I was on a roll.... until I saw all the candy in the pantry that I FORGOT to remove!!

I am the type if its there I will most likely sample it! And SAMPLE turns into most of the bag or all of it! I figured that I just set myself up to not make it!

SO today starts a new day! This is my plan. Whenever I want to give up candy and sweets I do a "CANDY CONTEST". Its usually with my sister, but this time I thought I would involve you all. Here are the rules! I am not going to cut out all sugar. I'm starting smaller and plus we all need a little sugar in our lives, right? I'm starting with treats....you know, candy, ice cream, pastries, anything like this. You be the judge. It makes it so much easier to not eat these things when someone else is doing it with you.

My sister and I would have a prize for the person that went the longest, I don't think we'll have a prize, as of right now, but you never know!

So, until I figure out how to do a MR LINKY, leave a comment saying your in and then post about it! Every Monday will be the day we get back together and post about it!

Join the party! Post about your goal and link on back to MIMI LEE !

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Are you Kidding Me?

I REALLY hopw to return to my regularly scheduled posting SOON!!!!
It has been nuts around here. I am the only one in my entire house that has not been in to see the doctor in the last week. My oldest has pnemonia and an ear infection, YIKES!!! My youngest has a sinus infection, YUCK!! And last but not least, my husband is sick AND hurt is back REALLY BAD!! He has been flat on his back and in so much pain! Hopefully things will start to get back to normal around here soon! Until then, I hope you all are crafting up a storm and being creative, I can't wait to see what everyone has come up with.
My BUTTONS still aren't working, I haven't had a chance to fix them yet. Sorry!
I can't believe it..... I have gone almost 2 entire days without sugar and candy! Now, this might not seem like a big deal to alot of you, but to me its HUGE!!!! I decided its time to start being healthy and find my love for running again! So Monday marked day one on my new eating habits. I don't want to say DIET because I really need that lifestyle change! I know I can do it!
I used to run all the time, but since having kids it just hasn't happened. I remember when I ran for fun and how great it felt! Addicting!! I hope to get back there someday. My goal is to run a marathon! I almost ran one back in the day, but broke my foot right before the big race. SO, running for fun is only a memory right now, but I know I can get there again if I really try! Anyone want to join me?
All the kids are sleeping, husband included, and I have so many random thoughts:
SO excited for the Biggest Loser starting up again. Its so inspiring
I really don't mind not eating sugar.
I love that its quiet in my house right now
Maybe I should go take a nap too!
I hope my family feels better soon.
I LOVE salsa!
I wonder if my house is going to sell?
I could go on and on, but that would bore you, believe me!!
Be back soon!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Sorry my buttons aren't working right now. Hopefully I'll fix the problem by Monday! After that feel free to TAKE ONE!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

There's Something Fishy Going On....

I have been MIA this week. It has been busy around here!
Here is one of our fun lunches from the other day. We love to make little pizzas. The boys love them because they are small and they get to help make them. They always a big hit.
My oldest was looking at his books one morning, which is one of his favorite things to do, and was loving a little fish in his ABC books. We talked about fish for a while that morning, made fish faces, and laughed. When it was time for lunch I was trying to think of something that would be fun for the boys.
So I gathered these ingredients: I didn't have any pizza sauce, but tomato sauce works just as well. We ALWAYS have tomato sauce. We also only had cheddar cheese instead of mozzerella, but it worked.
FIRST- we worked the biscuit dough, pulled and streched it and decided what shape to make.
We decided to make little fish. Notice the shark! This was my little guys favorite one cause it was like BRUCE from "Finding Nemo"

Next- Put on the tomato sauce and all the toppings.

I was going to decorate them myself to make them look really nice and cute, but quickly decided it didn't matter. Letting my little guy create his own creation was MUCH MORE IMPORTANT!

He LOVED IT and was SO PROUD of himself!

Bake them according to the package directions!

Let them cool and enjoy!
I told you they looked great! This was my 2 year olds creation. It has mini pepperonis, olives, ham, and cheese!
They made for one tasty and FUN lunch.
I quickly decided that doing thing like this with my kids was SO IMPORTANT to me and even MORE IMPORTANT to them! I am going to do alot more things that they can do with me!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Hey Twilighters...

So I'm sure there are a few Twilight Fans out there! Am I right?

My sweet niece, well its my husbands niece, so she's mine too right, anyways she gave me this blog address with tons of TWILIGHT GOODNESS go HERE!!
I have always been TEAM EDWARD, but after seeing "JACOB" all buffed up, I think I might have to chalk up a few points to TEAM JACOB!!
Lets hear it,
What TEAM are you on?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Boring lunch to Cool Lunch

We were trying to decide what to have for a quick lunch before nap time today and nothing sounded good. The boys have certain things that they like, hotdogs being one of them.

I saw an idea kind of like this in a magazine somewhere, awhile ago. We decided to make our lunch fun, simple, cheap, easy!
First I took few packages of Ramen, yum, reminds me of college life. Got those cooking. Notice the food coloring in the corner! I couldn't find my green so I of course used blue and yellow to make some. A great teaching opportunity for my little guy in how to make different colors!
You can't really tell, but the noodles are green!! I let them cook a little longer so the noodles would absorb the color really well.
Meanwhile, cook a few hotdogs!

I poured most of the juice out so we didn't make a mess, but you can do whatever you would like. Once you have your noodles in your bowls, cut your hotdogs about half way up. I only made 4 legs, instead of 8. Next time I will make 8, but 4 worked.

I got some mustard and made smily faces and put them over the noodles! My oldest saw these and said, THATS SO COOL , as he gobbled them up! He wants to make them again!!
Try this with your kids! They will love it!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


It is time again for Trash To Treasure Tuesday over at REINVENTED!! And its also MOD PODGE MANIA over at THIS IS THE YEAR. I figured this could work for both.
I haven't had alot of time so I decided to show you a project I did awhile ago! Just for all of you newbies!
Every year on Halloween we have a family party with all the cousins and we have a fishing pond. Someone buys prizes for each one of us and we get to pull it up and see what we got.
FUNNY STORY..... One year my oldest boy was about to turn 1 and my family thought they were so funny with the prize they gave me.
I put the fishing pole down, anxiously awaiting my prize and what do I pull out??? A PREGNANCY TEST!!! Ha ha Ha that was funny! I laughed and said I'll go take it right now to prove that we weren't having another baby yet. I mean my baby wasn't even 1 yet. Anyways, I didn't go take it, we all just laughed and went on with our games.
The next morning I was looking at the test, a dollar store one, and thought, HMM, I might as well take it. So I did, I waited patiently, expecting to see only one line. Almost instantly 2 LINES APPEAR!! WHat?? How in the world? Ya I was totally pregnant. So I ran to the store and got a more expensive, MORE RELIABLE, test, 3 actually and all three were positive!!
So the point to my story was, the next year we fished out a little plaque, I can't remember now what it said and oh course I didn't think to take a picture at the time, but it was funny and cute, but I thought it could be much cuter as something else. So this dollar store frame became this baby.......... I simply flipped it over and painted the entire thing white! Then mod podged some paper and some ribbon on it! I found the cute little lion at walmart for about 40 cents and mod podged that on too. I only put it on the bottom though, not on the top. Then I cut some vinyl the said SHHH and TADA, a cute little hanger for my babies door.

I did keep this on his door for awhile, then my oldest started playing with it too much so now it is hanging on the wall by the light switch. I love it. It is cute and cheerful!
PS I got another pregnancy test that year as a real JOKE this time, can't wait to see what I get this year!!