Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Finally....something crafty!!!

I am so excited that I actually made something!!!! I should have taken a before picture of my SAD SAD Christmas wreath I had hanging on my door!
I was browsing around and came across THIS, it gave me inspiration for this baby!!!
I ripped off all of the pinecones and berries I had on my wreath at first, so I could start with a fresh wreath!
You can use floral wire, garbage twist ties, hot glue, or just the ornament hook to attach the ornament to your wreath! I tied some on and a few I was able to just use the hook and slide it onto the wreath!
A little while ago I bought a package of wooden slats in the craft section at walmart for about 1.00. I was planning on making cute little signs to put in my Christmas tree, I used on of those slats for the top of my wreath! I painted it brown and sanded it ALOT!! Then, I used a black ink pad to darken the edges. I am planning on cutting some vinyl for the sign. I am thinking either my last name or Welcome, Merry Christmas, Welcome Christmas, or Welcome...any ideas????
This took me literally 30 minutes and ZERO $$$$!! I had everything I needed!
I wanna see what you come up with. Email me your version of this wreath and I will post it for inspiration for all of us!!! Mimileecanbe@gmail.com
PS my 100th post is coming up soon!! Maybe we'll have a giveaway soon.......just have to check back to find out.....:)