Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Finally....something crafty!!!

I am so excited that I actually made something!!!! I should have taken a before picture of my SAD SAD Christmas wreath I had hanging on my door!
I was browsing around and came across THIS, it gave me inspiration for this baby!!!
I ripped off all of the pinecones and berries I had on my wreath at first, so I could start with a fresh wreath!
You can use floral wire, garbage twist ties, hot glue, or just the ornament hook to attach the ornament to your wreath! I tied some on and a few I was able to just use the hook and slide it onto the wreath!
A little while ago I bought a package of wooden slats in the craft section at walmart for about 1.00. I was planning on making cute little signs to put in my Christmas tree, I used on of those slats for the top of my wreath! I painted it brown and sanded it ALOT!! Then, I used a black ink pad to darken the edges. I am planning on cutting some vinyl for the sign. I am thinking either my last name or Welcome, Merry Christmas, Welcome Christmas, or Welcome...any ideas????
This took me literally 30 minutes and ZERO $$$$!! I had everything I needed!
I wanna see what you come up with. Email me your version of this wreath and I will post it for inspiration for all of us!!! Mimileecanbe@gmail.com
PS my 100th post is coming up soon!! Maybe we'll have a giveaway soon.......just have to check back to find out.....:)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

One month and counting!!

I have been MIA lately with blogging! You know how it is, when it rains it pours! We have been SICK around our house, not the swine flu, but sure seems just as bad! I'm hoping everone one is feeling better soon so we can

#1 celebrate my little boys birthday party with our family

#2 see my inlaws before they officially leave on their mission

#3 Do normal things, like go outside, or go to the store, who thought I'd miss walmart:)

#4 Oh, well the list goes on and on..

Hopefully we find out today if my husband has to have back surgery, we're crossing our fingers that somehow his back will just suddenly be better!

On a HAPPY NOTE.... Wednesday marked my 4 week mark for NO SUGAR!!! Didn't really think I could do it, but you know its really not hard! I feel so much better, my clothes fit better, I am eating healthier things and LOVING IT!!!!

How are you all doing? Gone sugar free yet? I gotta say the best part about all of this is my little sister that is diabetic finally decided to give up sugar too! I got a call one day and she was so happy that she had given it up. SHe felt so good, was losing weight, and her numbers were better! I was so happy about her being happy. I think if she is the only one that I inspire or help then I am HAPPY!!!

I promise more crafting to come.....hopefully soon!

Have any ideas you'd like to share or see featured here? Let me know... mimileecanbe@gmail.com!! I 'd love to share your ideas!!