Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Super Saturday Muffin Pan Countdown instructions

I have had quite of few emails and comments about the instructions for the muffin pan countdown! Isn't it adorable! It was sooooo easy to make too!

You need:

1 muffin pan for 24 muffins (I got mine at Walmart for $4.50!!! YES 4.50, but they were up with all the seasonal stuff, if you need a UPC for it let me know!)

A black ink pad

Colored card stock- the one I saw had a few more colors, but I just used 2 to keep costs down

Glue stick

Embellishments (you won't need many)

Ribbon to hang the pan from

Magnets I got mine in a rollat Walmart for about 4 dollars

NUMBERS - You can make your own by using different fonts OR I went here and printed them off!

Ok- here we go.

Cut you cardstock into 24 squares about 2 1/4 inches

If you have an edge rounder use that to round the edges, if not do it the hard way and use your scissors, I did it the hard way :)

Use Ink the egdes, just run the ink pad along the egdes. You can't mess this up!

Cut out your letters and glue them together. Adding any embellishments you might like.

Use a few strips of magnets on the back of the numbers to keep them in place.

I drilled holes in the top of mu pan to hang ribbon from, but you don't have to!

I used the remaining cardstock to make the CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN for the top, inking everything to give it the finished off look. I just printed it using microsoft word! EASY EASY

That in a nut shell is all you have to do. I told you it was EASY!!!! Good luck. I'd LOVE to see your finished projects!!!