Thursday, October 8, 2009

More Halloween Decorations

Good Morning!! Here are some of my Halloween decorations that I finally got together during conference on Saturday. Enjoy.

This cute little holder I found at a garage sale for 3 dollars! It was 1 of 2! I was so excited to have 2 of them! I had some plans, but when I got home and unloaded the van, it fell out and BROKE!!! Oh well, one is still good. I just pulled all the flowers off of the stems and filled the holder, then added a bow. I really love the look it gives it. I think it would be cute with fall leaves too!! These are some cute little pumpkins I made! It requires MINIMAL sewing! Lets just be right up front, I don't know how to sew :) They were super easy. If you would like instructions, leave a message!

This is the top of my tv armoire.

My firplace.....The Pumpkins on there are also SOOOO easy to make! Its just blocks of wood with dowels for stems!!

Hope you enjoyed the decorations!
Coming soon.....Super saturday projects and ideas!!! YAY!!!