Friday, September 11, 2009

There's Something Fishy Going On....

I have been MIA this week. It has been busy around here!
Here is one of our fun lunches from the other day. We love to make little pizzas. The boys love them because they are small and they get to help make them. They always a big hit.
My oldest was looking at his books one morning, which is one of his favorite things to do, and was loving a little fish in his ABC books. We talked about fish for a while that morning, made fish faces, and laughed. When it was time for lunch I was trying to think of something that would be fun for the boys.
So I gathered these ingredients: I didn't have any pizza sauce, but tomato sauce works just as well. We ALWAYS have tomato sauce. We also only had cheddar cheese instead of mozzerella, but it worked.
FIRST- we worked the biscuit dough, pulled and streched it and decided what shape to make.
We decided to make little fish. Notice the shark! This was my little guys favorite one cause it was like BRUCE from "Finding Nemo"

Next- Put on the tomato sauce and all the toppings.

I was going to decorate them myself to make them look really nice and cute, but quickly decided it didn't matter. Letting my little guy create his own creation was MUCH MORE IMPORTANT!

He LOVED IT and was SO PROUD of himself!

Bake them according to the package directions!

Let them cool and enjoy!
I told you they looked great! This was my 2 year olds creation. It has mini pepperonis, olives, ham, and cheese!
They made for one tasty and FUN lunch.
I quickly decided that doing thing like this with my kids was SO IMPORTANT to me and even MORE IMPORTANT to them! I am going to do alot more things that they can do with me!