Tuesday, September 1, 2009


It is time again for Trash To Treasure Tuesday over at REINVENTED!! And its also MOD PODGE MANIA over at THIS IS THE YEAR. I figured this could work for both.
I haven't had alot of time so I decided to show you a project I did awhile ago! Just for all of you newbies!
Every year on Halloween we have a family party with all the cousins and we have a fishing pond. Someone buys prizes for each one of us and we get to pull it up and see what we got.
FUNNY STORY..... One year my oldest boy was about to turn 1 and my family thought they were so funny with the prize they gave me.
I put the fishing pole down, anxiously awaiting my prize and what do I pull out??? A PREGNANCY TEST!!! Ha ha Ha that was funny! I laughed and said I'll go take it right now to prove that we weren't having another baby yet. I mean my baby wasn't even 1 yet. Anyways, I didn't go take it, we all just laughed and went on with our games.
The next morning I was looking at the test, a dollar store one, and thought, HMM, I might as well take it. So I did, I waited patiently, expecting to see only one line. Almost instantly 2 LINES APPEAR!! WHat?? How in the world? Ya I was totally pregnant. So I ran to the store and got a more expensive, MORE RELIABLE, test, 3 actually and all three were positive!!
So the point to my story was, the next year we fished out a little plaque, I can't remember now what it said and oh course I didn't think to take a picture at the time, but it was funny and cute, but I thought it could be much cuter as something else. So this dollar store frame became this baby.......... I simply flipped it over and painted the entire thing white! Then mod podged some paper and some ribbon on it! I found the cute little lion at walmart for about 40 cents and mod podged that on too. I only put it on the bottom though, not on the top. Then I cut some vinyl the said SHHH and TADA, a cute little hanger for my babies door.

I did keep this on his door for awhile, then my oldest started playing with it too much so now it is hanging on the wall by the light switch. I love it. It is cute and cheerful!
PS I got another pregnancy test that year as a real JOKE this time, can't wait to see what I get this year!!