Thursday, September 24, 2009


Check out this great idea! I was looking around blog land and came across these, but for the life of me I can't remember where I saw them! SO if they are from your site, drop me a line and I will give you the credit and link to you!

If I remember right, they are spraypainted and I LOVE THEM! They rank right up there with my glitter pumpkins from a few years ago! I will show those to you as soon as I can get to all of my decorations in the storage room! That would be our Saturday project, find my decorations and winter clothes! I need to get started cleaning oout closets for the season soon!

PS we finally got ouurselves a van! People tell me I have gone to "THE DARK SIDE":) That makes me laugh! We joined the mini van club! We love it. My boys love it because they ca see outside, they have tons of room, and most imprtantly, they can push a button and shut their own door, usually with mom standing in the way so I get hit by the door as it finally realizes something is in the way and reopens. Little stinkers! Gotta love them!