Monday, September 21, 2009

Lets try this again!!

I was so excited last week to start my no sugar thingy. I was on a roll.... until I saw all the candy in the pantry that I FORGOT to remove!!

I am the type if its there I will most likely sample it! And SAMPLE turns into most of the bag or all of it! I figured that I just set myself up to not make it!

SO today starts a new day! This is my plan. Whenever I want to give up candy and sweets I do a "CANDY CONTEST". Its usually with my sister, but this time I thought I would involve you all. Here are the rules! I am not going to cut out all sugar. I'm starting smaller and plus we all need a little sugar in our lives, right? I'm starting with know, candy, ice cream, pastries, anything like this. You be the judge. It makes it so much easier to not eat these things when someone else is doing it with you.

My sister and I would have a prize for the person that went the longest, I don't think we'll have a prize, as of right now, but you never know!

So, until I figure out how to do a MR LINKY, leave a comment saying your in and then post about it! Every Monday will be the day we get back together and post about it!

Join the party! Post about your goal and link on back to MIMI LEE !