Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Boring lunch to Cool Lunch

We were trying to decide what to have for a quick lunch before nap time today and nothing sounded good. The boys have certain things that they like, hotdogs being one of them.

I saw an idea kind of like this in a magazine somewhere, awhile ago. We decided to make our lunch fun, simple, cheap, easy!
First I took few packages of Ramen, yum, reminds me of college life. Got those cooking. Notice the food coloring in the corner! I couldn't find my green so I of course used blue and yellow to make some. A great teaching opportunity for my little guy in how to make different colors!
You can't really tell, but the noodles are green!! I let them cook a little longer so the noodles would absorb the color really well.
Meanwhile, cook a few hotdogs!

I poured most of the juice out so we didn't make a mess, but you can do whatever you would like. Once you have your noodles in your bowls, cut your hotdogs about half way up. I only made 4 legs, instead of 8. Next time I will make 8, but 4 worked.

I got some mustard and made smily faces and put them over the noodles! My oldest saw these and said, THATS SO COOL , as he gobbled them up! He wants to make them again!!
Try this with your kids! They will love it!