Tuesday, August 25, 2009

MIrror Mirror on the Wall

Its time again for Trash To Treasure Tuesday with KIMM from REINVENTED!

Sorry to say these pictures are not the greatest! How in the world do you take a good picture of a mirror? I will never know! I wish I would have taken pictures of the before and all of the middle stages this baby went through, but I forgot!!

This mirror now hangs in my little guys room and adds the perfect POP of color to a very blue room, which he LOVES!!! Go HERE to see the cool artwork on his walls.
Can you see all the colors underneath the yellow? I painted this SO many different colors and didn't like any of them. I actually just kept repainting and adding more and more paint!

I finally decided on a bright yellow to which I added some shiny gold paint to! I took my sander and sanded all the edges, but it still needed something. As I was sanding I made a mistake and sanded part of the face. I LOVED IT!! It went through all the layers of colors I had put on. It looked so good to see a few different colors pop through on the joints and edges! I planned on adding some vinyl and some embellishments, but after my "MISTAKE" , I changed my mind because I really liked it. It had an older feel to it now and looked perfect!

The more sanding and distressing the better!

Here is hangs, my picture is slanted, not the mirror and the picture is on its side. Can you see the doors in the mirror going the wrong way. Ps I added the little kid finger prints just for fun! SORRY I should have cleaned it off first! I told ya the walls were blue! They will be getting a much needed makeover soon!
Anyways here is my project, kind of simple, but it really adds alot to his room and only cost me the price of the paint!!