Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Makin Something out of Nothing

I made this little guy last year about this time. I made 2 signs, this one and a pumpkin patch one. I can't find that one. It in my storage room. I'm sure I put it in a special place so that I would remember where it was, but of course I forgot.
I had scraps of wood. That's all I had. I was actually kind of bored one day and started painting scraps of wood. I love to decorate with this. The colors add a lot from the traditional orange and black of Halloween. I add a few fun decorations around this and of course some candy.

Everything I used for this project I already had, so it didn't cost me anything. My husband drilled holes through all the wood for me and I secured them with a LITTLE wood glue. They were already on there pretty tight, but I didn't want them falling down.
The bowl is my latest thrift store find. I'm sad to say it looked better before I painted it, but thats ok I have a few other ideas to spruce it right back up. Don't you wish there was an "UNDO" or a "DELETE" button sometimes on projects you do?
SO BE CREATIVE!!! Look around at all the stuff you have just hanging around and make something FUN!!!
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