Thursday, August 27, 2009

Its Time

I never thought this day would come and in a way I don't think I really believed it would. Yes...we are looking for a MINIVAN!! I really enjoy my car that I drive around. It is such a great car, but its getting pretty full and we would love to be able to take people with us to go do fun things, instead of driving separate cars and saying, "OK I"LL SEE YA THERE"....

We've looked at a few different ones, but are not sure what kind will be the best as it gets older with higher miles. Some people have told me about problems that seem to happen to certain makes when the miles get up there. What do you think? WHat vans do you like and what kinds of problems have you had or heard of with them. We've looked at Dodge, Toyota, and Honda! Thanks for your help

I Hope to have the GIVEAWAY prrize done today! It all depends on how long nap time lasts:) Keep posting those comments and becoming a FOLLOWER!!! YAY