Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Blocks, Blocks, and More Blocks!

I think I'm obsessed with blocks!

My friend Emily and her cute little girls came over the other day to make some fall blocks! She is so good, she plans ahead for gift giving! Me, I think about it the day before I need to give a gift if I am lucky! Usually it is the day of! Anyways we spent the afternoon making blocks and having fun! My little boy has a crush on her little girl, so cute! Don't mind the wrinkles on my letter T!! ARGG! Oh well it just gives it some character right?
I gotta tell ya I have debated about that flower since the moment I put it on. I might be replacing it with something else, we'll see.

This is their new home atop my firepace, I know its not quite fall, but I just had to use them. It just didn't seem right to put them away.
Wanna make these or some like them?
All you need is:
Blocks any size you want! We just use the scraps from finishing our basement!
Scrapbook paper- I have found that I love to layer, so get plenty.
Also, when choosing your paper, keep in mind the lettering you will be putting on. If you have
light lettering, it is good to use papers that you know it will show up on. Does that make sense? If
you have tan lettering, I wouldn't use papers that would just blend in, you won't be able to see
that letter.
Mod podge, make sure to use on the bottom of your paper and the top!
Embellishments- anything you can think of! I like ribbon, buttons, flowers and anything fun to match the season.
Happy block making!