Wednesday, August 12, 2009

All Tied Up

I just linked up with KIMM @ REINVENTED for TRASH TO TREASURE TUESDAY!! I'm so excited!

This is an old plate holder that I got when I was going to college. It has been in my moms storage bay since I got married. My parents were getting ready for a garage sale and had us come look through everything to take what we wanted first. I saw this beauty and had to have it back! Sorry that picture is a little slanted. My bathroom isn't big enough for me to get a great picture without standing on the back of the toilet (not gonna happen)!

First I went to trusty ol' Walmart and got some towels to match my shower curtain. I cut each towel in half, little helpings hands are welcome, but not necessary :)! I decided to cut my towels for 2 reasons, I didn't want to spend a lot and the slots I would be putting the towels was not really big!
Next, I rolled up a red towel, brown towel, and then a cranberry colored towel! Loved it! Now I needed a way to keep them on so the kids wouldn't play with them. So I used some ribbon to tie them together and make them look finished!
There are actually 4 slots, but I couldn't get them all in the picture! I think it turned out great. Even my husband commented on it which is a BIG deal! It added some much needed color to my bathroom!

Here's a close up. One day I hope to get a really nice camera so my pictures will look great and the colors will come out right. The colors are a little richer and deeper than this.

I even had one extra bundle to add some color to the toilet! All in all I think this was a fun and easy project that made a big difference!
Come on back tomorrow for my NEW absolute favorite spray paint color! I might just spray paint everything with it!