Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Not Just for cooking!

My little boy is a magnet for mosquitoes! If we are outside he can have 10 bites before anyone else even gets one! Poor kid!
So you can imagine how well he sleeps with all the itching going on, not to mention he swells up with every bite too, how miserable! We have tried all the creams and nothing really works for too long.
My husband remembered one thing his mom used to do, RUB SALT ON THE MOSQUITO BITE!! I thought he was crazy. There is no way that would work. Well, let me tell you, IT DOES!!! My little boy stopped itching and crying when we put it on. Just wet your finger so the salt will stick to it, then rub it on the bite.
I'm not sure how or why it works, but when my little boy is itching a mosquito bite he says "Salt on it" Give it a try! Now if I can figure out how to make the things just stay away!