Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I looked out the window and what did I see?

I have had this old window in my garage for 2 years, yes 2 years! I've just been waiting for the perfect spot to put it and the perfect saying to put on it. I actually think I just forgot about it to be honest!

I have been on a decorating/crafting/vinyl kick the past few days. I'm positive that my kick is in clear rebellion to cleaning, thats all I've been doing lately and believe it or not my house is staying clean! WOW! Anyways, This is one of the many things I've been doing. This is going in my babies room. He had two big blank walls and I finally filled them up! All I did was add the vinyl, it needed some color, so I added the green and yellow ribbon to match my other projects. I love it! It looks so much cuter in person. I can't believe how adding things to the walls can make such a big difference!On the opposite wall I made these. I took 3 11x14 canvases and scrabooked them with trusty ol' mod podge. I am still going to "personalize" them with pictures and vinyl, but thought I'd post them before that, so use your imagination! I got 3 blck picture frames, 5 dollars a piece and spray painted them white! All by myself this time, no hubby to help out. His spray painting lessons must have paid off because they turned out great. I have added some fun yellow ribbon to the frames since I took this picture and I LOVE THEM. They have really helped bring some color into his room and with the pictures in them, SOOO stinkin cute!---------------------------------------------------------------------

I Finally got my summer blocks finished and delivered to Melissa from Bloggin it. She won my last giveaway. I know I know, its been soooo long, but I tell ya, its been crazy around here! I hope she likes them. I had so much fun making them that I of course made 2 sets. My fireplace needed some new blocks!
Here is set number 2. I like how both of them turned out.

For those of you that don't know how to make these I'll give ya some of my ideas on them.

1. You need a set of blocks, buy some wood, the size you would like and cut your own, its sooo much cheaper that way. We just finished our basement and so did my parents so we have tons of scraps just hangin around.

2. Scrapbook paper. Measure and cut to the size you need. Make them a little smaller than the block so the block color shows through.

3. You can stain your blocks or paint, you decide, both look cute. I just made some in white and I like those too.

4. Get all the ribbon and embellishments you can think of

5. MOD PODGE. Make sure to do a light coat under the paper and on top of the paper. I even use it to put on my embellishments. BE CREATIVE

6. You can either get wooden letters or cut your own letters with vinyl or paper.

Have fun creating your own set of blocks. Its fun to have something totally unique and something to be proud of after you are done. My poor husband, I make him walk around the house with me when he gets home from a long day at work, just to show off all my crafts. Thanks for being supportive!