Monday, July 27, 2009

A Fresh New Look

We are still busy at our house trying to get our house ready to sell. My little boys room is the next project! We are going to repaint his room to a neutral color. This is one of his walls. I has his full name spelled out in the "smoke" the airplane left behind. He loves it so much! I wish you could see the detail of the plane. It looks so good. It kind of sad to see it go.
Here is another look, don't really know why I put that one on.

On the other wall there is a hot air balloon.

Soon these wall will be blank and brown, sad! If you are wanting to paint something fun on one of your walls, but aren't the best artist, its easy!!
All you need is a projector. Simply find an image you want to paint on the wall and trace it on using the projector and then paint away!
Happy painting!