Monday, July 13, 2009

Family Fun!!

Check out this new wall decor in our PLAYROOM!! The artists are very famous and it cost a fortune! Well, it is PRICELESS to me! My sweet little guys decorated these and had so much fun doing it!! We started with 3 blank canvases. Walmart has 3 packs for $3.00-$7.00 depending on the size you choose. We picked out the paint we wanted to use, also so cheap, grabbed some foam paint brushes ( no need for anything fancy), and off we went to create our little masterpieces.Make sure you paint in clothes you don't mind getting paint all over because believe me it will get everywhere, but TOTALLY worth it. The boys had a BLAST painting on the canvas, the driveway(oops sorry honey), and themselves!
They squealed with delight the entire time.

All in all this was a huge success! The driveway was the only thing that didn't come out the best, so if you're worried about yours, paint on the grass( which we don't have yet) or put newspapers underneath!
The boys even had fun cleaning up with the hose, however we needed a little more help to clean up than just the hose so we went straight to the bathtub!
I LOVE THE WAY OUR NEW ART TURNED OUT!!! It will always remind me of my little guys and the toy room was the perfect place to display it!!