Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Ultimate Top to Bottom Tuesday!!

This weeks Top to bottom Tuesday started yesterday. I didn't take any pictures, but I should have . Projects for the 2 days include:

Laundry Room (a job all by its self)


Bedroom Closets ( never knew we had so many hangers or shoes)

Storage Room(even though it is the storage room doesn't mean it can't look nice too)

Floors( I love the smell of freshly mopped floors and the look of lines vacuumed in the carpet, ahh)

Clean, Clean, Clean, Everything

I have to say its been pretty fun! Can you believe it, I said fun and cleaning in the same thought process! I love the feeling of a clean organized house!

Choose one project this week, a closet with old clothes you never wear, shoes that have seen beter days, or a crazy dirty laundry room. Overhaul it and see how great you feel afterwards.

OH, ever tried Magic Eraser for kitchen and Bath???? You should!! It did wonders on my shower floor!!!

Why do you ask this sudden desire to clean? Just because it feels so good.....and more details to follow.