Wednesday, June 10, 2009

There are monsters in my closet!!

Have you ever had a kid that gets scared at night because of monsters. Simply make a label like this one and put it on can of aerosol air freshner and spray wherever monsters are hiding. It makes your kids feel at ease and they have fun doing it too!!
So we just finished potty training at our house. This is one thing that worked for us to help get it in the potty and not all over the floor. We made this label and put it on a jar with cheerios in it. My little boy would get so excited to go potty and put the cheerios in toilet and aim for them! It made potty training fun and exciting!

Tune in tomorrow for the winners of the giveaway!

*********You will have until Saturday to email me to claim you winnings! If the giveaway goes unclaimed, I will choose a new winner on Monday!!************