Thursday, June 25, 2009

Some stuff...

Today is my baby boys 1st birthday. Last year at this time I had a baby that was 19 minutes old. I remember how nervous I was to have two little boys and how excited I was too. I remember how fast he came and how scary it was for a few minutes, but I couldn't have been more blessed! The first time I held him I sobbed, like mothers do. Its amazing the love you instantly have for such a brand new little one. Its indescribable. Oh how time has flown by! I can't believe it. It didn't seem to go this fast with my first baby, but I have enjoyed every minute of it, even the sleepless nights.

He is the happiest, sweetest, and most lovable baby (with super chubby cheeks). I can't imagine my life with out him. I love his little giggle and the way he kicks his legs uncontrollably when he gets excited. Even more, I love the way he is his own little person, completely different than his older brother, but I love his funny personality. He definitely has his daddy's funny bone! I love the way he gets so excited when he does something new and the way he stomps his feet just to hear his squeaky shoes. I love it when no one can make it better but mom! Ahh, I'm so blessed!

Happy Birthday my sweet little baby! You have made everyday so wonderful and full of joy!!


Tomorrow I will be answering questions on makeup, ya so much for it being on Wednesdays, I'll talk about lipstick, liners, and glosses, so if you have any specific questions you want me to talk about just leave a comment or email me!