Friday, June 26, 2009

My thoughts on makeup...

Have you ever wondered, should I wear a lip liner, lipstick, a gloss, or all 3? So many people wonder what they should wear and when.

Lipstick and Liner- For the summer and daytime look, I would look for a sheer, moisture rich (preferably with sunscreen) color. Wearing a lighter formula will help give you that younger, fresher (is that a word) look.

Look for a color that doesn't wash you out. If in doubt TRY ONE ON, that is one of the many benefits of buying from a makeup counter.

My opinion on liners..... ok here we go. I think 8 out of 10 times, you don't need a liner. Now there are times to wear them and I'll go over those in second. With the sheer lipsticks you have to be careful if you use a liner because it will leave you with the liner only look. AHH!! If you do I would use a sheer formula that matches the lipcolor.

The only times I would use a lipliner are:
1. To correct any lip shape. Maybe your lips aren't the same on both sides, or you have really small lips. LIners are great to help correct any problems. Be careful when lining the lips to look bigger that you don't get the clown look.

2. To make your lipstick last longer. Say you have a special event and you need your lipstick to stay on, I would fill in your lips with your liner, then put the lipstick or gloss over it. This will help keep color on your lips.

3. If you are doing one of those FULL color lip looks, for example the RED RED lip look, you know the one. It is helpful to use a liner to give you the finished of look with the crisp look.

4. Helpful to use a liner if you have a problem with your lipstick bleeding into any wrinkles around your lips. Make sure you get a long lasting lip liner!

5. I have used liners to change the color of my lipstick, but make sure to blend it all together.

SO there are my list of reasons to use a lip liner. SO for everyday and for a lot of people, they aren't necessary all the time!! Just my opinion!

I love the Clinique moisture sheer lipsticks. Your lips never feel dry which helps to make your lips look bigger too. Another tip....
* Apply your lipstick as normal, when finished, add a shiny gloss, clear or with color, to the center of your top and bottom lipm this helps to give you a fuller looking lip!

Lip gloss- Who doesn't love lipgloss? Look for a formula that is comfortable on your lips. Some are super smooth, some are sticky, some taste good, some don't. So whatever is important to you, is what is going to makes the lip gloss the one for you. I love CoverGirl's, MAC, Clinique, Loreal has some good ones, and Lancome's juicy tubes smell good, but are sticky, I do like them though. My sister has one that she absolutely loves and I think it is BonneBell. SO you can find a good one, expensive or cheap.

I hope I answered the questions that I was asked! Hope this was helpful. Next week EYE SHADOW!!