Friday, June 19, 2009

Lets Pretend its Wednesday....

I'm oh so sorry for missing out on our make up Wednesday, like I've said before, Its CRAZY BUSY lately. I've had quite a few questions, I will answer 2 today and more next week!

The first question was about FOUNDATION. What do you do if you want to even out your skin tone, but don't want a to wear a heavy foundation? There are a few could do a tinted moisturizer. Its main purpose is to moisturize with a little tint to even out your skin tone. It feels nice and light and you will barely even know you have anything on. Most likely, you will even get your sunscreen in with it too!! (very important) I know so many brands make very sheer foundations as well. One other option if you have a foundation already that is too heavy and you don't want to waste it, I would mix a little bit of your moisturizer with it when you apply it. This will give you a more sheer application! Hope that gives you some good ideas.
The next question was about moisturizers. Which moisturizers are good, but don't cost a fortune. I have to be honest I haven't bought a moisturizer from the grocery store yet. I haven't had to yet, so I don't know what is the best. SO, I turn the question to YOU. What moisturizer works for you and Why do you love it?

Oh how I love this topic. Next time we will talk about lipstick, liners, and glosses, oh my! Questions on this topic or any other, email me or leave a comment!
Have a great day!!