Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Its Done.....well almost!

So here is the table from yesterday. I started off by taking off all the hardware. Make sure to sand down all the old paint before repainting.
Sorry this is kind of a bad picture! After I sanded down the table, I used some wood putty to fill in the holes where the hardware had been. I haven't found what I want to use yet so I just filled them in for now. After that dries, sand down all the extra so it leaves a smooth finish.Next I started to spray paint, my husband was working on another project in the garage and so sweetly offered to help me spray paint once he saw that my skills were a bit lacking! So thanks to my hubby for the spray paint lesson and for painting it so nicely!

This is the semi-finished project. I still have to rough it up a bit and sand the edges and find some hardware that I like, but for now I LOVE IT and can't wait to get it in its permant place in the basement!