Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Check out this Beauty!!!

Saturdays are quickly becoming my FAVORITE day of the week. Not just because of all the obvious reasons to like Saturdays, but because of the GARAGE SALES.

We decided just to go for a ride Saturday morning. We didn't get up early, just happened to be driving around. We saw a sign saying that another town was having a "Parade of Garage Sales" kind of like our town does. So, we decided to just drive by a few. We stopped often, but not to look, our little boy is "potty training" and kept saying he had to go, I think he just wanted to get out of his car seat.

I saw this table from the road on one of our many potty break stops. I wasn't even trying to find anything, so I assumed this baby was meant to be mine! I scored this baby for 5 dollars. Now I can leave by brown table upstairs and finish this one for downstairs. Yay!

Its almost done. Just need to sand the edges and stain them. Hopefully I'll get it done today and post it tomorrow!

PS. Don't mind the DIRTY DIRTY garage. Its our wood shop, snowmobile shop, and toy garage right now!