Friday, June 12, 2009

Cheap or Expensive??

I spent a few years working at a makeup counter! I loved it! I got asked questions like- Is this stuff really better than the cheap stuff?, Why? Isn't it exactly the same as the other stuff? Oh, I loved those customers. To answer those questions-yes it is better and no, its not the same. There are somethings that you can tell a huge difference on, but others that, to me, don't matter as much.
So, MASCARA, what is the real difference. This is only my opinion, so take it for what its worth. You can find a mascara in the average store that will work great. It might take sampling a few to find the right brush, thickness, color, and all that good stuff, but you can find a good one. I haven't bought my expensive one for quite awhile and I have been happy with my ol' cheapy.
I just got a sample of a mascara from a gift with purchase and I very quickly remembered the #1 reason I loved the expensive kind. This is the BIGGEST you ever get out of the shower and look in the mirror and get totally freaked out because it looks like you have two black eyes, even after washing your face very thouroghly? Is it just me?
I don't love having to buy a separate eye makeup remover and I really don't like scrubbing my eyes to get the mascara off. With the more expensive mascara you are saving your sensitive little eye area from all the wear and tear of scrubbing. I love that, it literally comes right off!

Now one thing I do LOVE, LOVE, LOVE is a primer! Ever tried a primer? You should if you want to use less mascara, have fuller looking lashes, longer lasting mascara, and you want to keep it on your lashes and not under your eyes.

So there is some random info for any of you that might want to know. Wondering about anything else? Let me know and I' ll give you my opinion!