Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Weighin in Wednesday!

In my quest to become healthier I thought the ultimate way to help me eat heathier and get back in shape would be to weigh in every wednesday.
So here goes,
Today my starting weight is............
..................................NO WAY!!! I'm not that crazy. Can we say, ultimate humilation having the entire world know my weight when most of the time I don't even care to know it. I will weigh in on Wednesdays, but that will remain where it should be, in my head only!
My goals for this week are to eat balanced meals. I tend to snack all day and not on good things either. Ever notice when you eat balanced meals, protein, good carbs, good fats, fruits, veggies, fiber, that you aren't as hungry? Its true. There is something to all those people telling you to eat that way. I am also FOR SERIOUS this time, ( ha, I sound like a teenager, I should have added "LIKE" in there) am going to start working out.
Did you guys watch the biggest loser last night? I love that show, besides the fact my 2 year old picked up a bad word from it, I love how inspiring it is. It has helped me to focus on being healthy for me, my husband, and my kids! I want to teach them healthy eating habits and help them to be active. The best way I know how is by example. So, heres to day one of being better.
"Weighing in" on Reality
So I know this in no way helps me to be a better homemaker or crafty, but I thought I'd put in my 2 cents about my favorite reality shows. We love Biggest Loser, American Idol, and Dancing with the Stars. So here are my thoughts....I promise this won't become a habit.
Biggest Loser-
I wasn't thrilled that Helen won. I really liked some of the other contestants better, but then I realized that she put all that effort in, so she must deserve it. She was awfully skinny though. Tara and Mike looked great, everyone did really. How amazing they changed their lives for the better! How can you not be happy for them. Even if they didn't win the money, they got a lot from the experience. I would love to have Bob or Jillian train me. I would cry, lets just get that out. They are tough. But I must say I thought Alison, the host, looked fabulous. She just had a baby and I thought she looked great. Maybe she should have been the Biggest Loser. Anyways all in all a very inspiring night!
American Idol
So my pick for the American Idol doesn't go with the judges, in fact I completely disagree. I thought that Danny did a good job, not so sure about that first song, but he did great with what he had to work with. I loved his second song. He is a classy guy. I'm wondering if I would buy his album when it comes out, what kind of music will it be?
Adam, oh Adam. He is super talented, he hits notes I've never heard before, but he's just not someone that I would ever listen to. I love when he sings soft and keeps his tongue in his mouth, but as soon as he starts screaming and sticking his tongue out, he loses me. Sounds a bit screechy to me. I loved the start of the U2 song, but he lost me half way through. Cryin, well, lets just say I like the Aerosmith version ALOT better, ok, I'm trying to be positive here, but its not getting my point across, I really really didn't like it!:)
My pick is Kris(Chris). How does he spell it? I think that he will make an album no matter what, but I like his style and his voice. Its something that I would listen to and I can actually imagine hearing him on the radio. I thought he did a good job on his first song, but I have to agree, it didn't really stand out as amazing, but I still liked it. I loved his last song! Put it on the radio!! He seems like a really nice guy too, so in a perfect world he would be my winner. Don't think it will happen, but oh well.
Dancing with the stars
I missed Dancing with the stars, but I heard it was Ty. He was a stud, but it was time for him to go. We'll see who wins!
Anyone excited for "The Bachelorette"?