Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Top To Bottom Tuesday!!

Good morning!! Top to bottom Tuesday...my favorite(sacastic)...although I am learning to like it! Today is a HUGE day for me. In the entire time we have been married, I'm pretty sure it is entire time, I have never accomplished what I am going to accomplish today! We're talking, I'm going to be markin it on my calendar accomplishment. You ready for it......I finally have ALL the laundry done!!! Not kidding around either! For me this is a huge accomplishment. I HATE the laundry, it should be a 4 letter word in my eyes, however once it is done, its not too bad.

I have been doing so much better on keeping my house clean so I don't have such a huge job every morning. That gives me so much more time to spend with my sweet kiddo's!! One thing that has been helping me.... every morning when we wake up( the kids are early risers, so they wake me up), we change diapers and get dressed! Then I am one of the lucky women that after having a baby it messed up my thyroid, so fun, anyways, I have to take a pill in the morning and wait at least 30 minutes to eat. I take that 30 minutes and make beds and straighten the house. I start a load of laundry and pick up everything. I am amazed at what a difference this has made. I even have my little 2 year old help, He LOVES to help carry laundry and help me fold. He loves to take things to the garbage can. He feels so big and proud to help mommy.

In the past week of starting this blog, I can say it, my house is cleaner longer, I am more organized, and happier too. I don't feel so stressed about getting my house clean all the time because it is getting better. WAHOO!!

SO for my project of the day... I am going to clean TOP TO BOTTOM my master bathroom. My drawers are a mess, usually the boys love to play in the bottom ones, but my makeup drawer is scary. For those who know me, know that I worked doing makeup before I was married, so I have a ton!!! My supply is dwindling, but still its out of control. I am going to tame the wild beast that is my makeup drawer today. I also am going to do it without buying anything to organize with. I want to use things I have around the house. That way I can reuse things I already have and I can save money. Who said you need to spend money to get organized?
I'll post pictures later on today! Have a happy Tuesday! Congrats to the winners, again. If you haven't contacted me, please do!!