Tuesday, May 5, 2009

.Top to Bottom Tuesday.

I am SUPER excited about my new Tuesdays....well, I'm sure I will be once I get started. So, in my in new found desire to get organized, I decided that I would make Tuesdays my day to clean and organize one room or one area TOP TO BOTTOM!!

Oh dear, I'm already a bit overwhelmed!

I have so many places I need to do, but really none that I am wanting to do right at this moment. See THIS is the exact reason I need to have this blog!! (LONG PAUSE) OK, Ok I just decided to start with a project that I will feel some sense of accomplishment, but I won't be overwhelmed with. Lets work ourselves into the BIG stuff! I am going to tackle PARTS of my kitchen. The only reason I say parts is because I only have a day, plus 2 little boys that need mommas attention when they are awake. SO Here goes. I will post before and after photo's when when I am finished. YIKES-I'm not so sure I want to show how bad my TUPPERWARE DRAWER and UNDER THE SINK are, but here goes.

Choose one day a week, or whenever you have the time, to clean and organize one area!! I think making sure its always around the same time will help me to JUST GET IN AND DO IT!!

I am hoping to one day look back and this and see how far I have come! Maybe one day I'll absolutly LOVE doing this!!


Ok so I just finished and thought I'd just add right on to this post instead of an entirely new one.

I can't believe how FAST AND EASY and dare I say FUN! I had it all done in about 30 minutes and that even included a timeout for my 2 year old, my baby stealing my tupperware and a phonecall. WOW !! So I decided to do my spices and baking things too.

You know I do feel so PROUD of myself. I had to give my husband a call and tell him what I had done. Sounds funny to most of you who are wonderful organizers and would never dream of having your cupboards look like my before pictures, but I feel good for doing it!!

Here are my before and afters,


This mess is courtesy of me! I tend to just throw everything back under there cause I'm in a hurry!

This mess is courtesy of the boys! Its one of the favorite play places in the house.

All in all I think this is going to be a success! I guess I CAN do it!