Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Its Tuesday!!

Normally on Tuesdays I would have my top to bottom Tuesday, and I am going to try and get to it today, but we are a little under the weather. Two sick little boys and a momma that is getting it too, is not a good combination! We have never had croup at our house until now. I think its getting better though. We have only had one real episode of the "barking/baby seal" sounding cough attack. It wasn't fun! We'll see how the day goes. Maybe I'll actually get something done, or maybe a nap sounds good too. We'll see.

For Halloween last year I got a little sign as a gag gift from one of our Halloween parties. It has just been collecting dust around my house so I decided to make something useful out of it. I know I took a picture of it before I started, but I don't know if I deleted it or what, cause I can't find it!!
I took the little sign and used my trusty mod podge and scrapbook paper. I found the cute little lion at Walmart of all places. I cut out some vinyl to add to the bottom. I keep this on my babies door. It just looks cute and he LOVES to play with it on the doornob!

Turned out pretty cute, its better than having it lay around and collect dust.
I made a magnet board to match, but its not quite ready to go yet. I'll post it when its all done.