Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I LOVE my Trees.....but.....

Every year our town has an annual garage sale. Its such a cool idea. Anyone that wants to have a garage sale on that day signs up at the city office and then they make a map of ALL the garage sales and their locations. Its so fun to walk down a street and have 5 or sometimes more gargage sales to look at. We look forward to this every year. I normally go with my sister in law. We load up in the truck and off we go to find some treasures. This year she wasn't up to it because she is about to have a new baby, can't say that I blame her. I was in the same position last year and it was alot of walkin.
So, I talked my hubby into going with me. He drove and I shopped. The kids loved going for the ride. My Hubby didn't quite know what to expect and did NOT want to get out and look at all, this was my thing. By the middle of the day he was jumping out of the truck and getting things too. We ended up with 2, not 1, 2 truck loads!! Less than 100 dollars for soooo much good stuff.
I saw these trees and had to have them. 5 dollars, thats right, 5 dollars. I actually had people wanting to buy them out of my truck when we stopped somewhere. I got them home only to realize they smelled terrible!!! They smelled like smoke! GRRRR! I was ready to toss them and was wishing I would have sold them and made some money.

So I started trying to clean them and get the smell out. I asked everyone I saw. I even had my neighbor smell them a few million time to see if anything was working. I first washed them down, them sprayed lysol, still smelly. Then I got some febreeze, that stuff would work for sure! I thought I had fixed it, but no. It was still as smelly as can be just with a new smell on top of it. Then I tried some glade deodorizer, smelled good for a minute, but then smelly. I had given up for the day and put them in my gargage and called it a night. The next day I went to check on them and my entire garge smelled. OH JOY!! Gotta love that. So I set them outside and let them "AIR OUT"

A few days went by and still they smelled awful. I was ready to give up. I looked on the internet and it said to use vinegar. So, I covered those trees with vinegar and was somewhat pleased, but the next morning, my garage stunk again and so did my trees. Finally, I busted out the trusty old BAKING SODA!!! I got the trees damp and then covered them. I let it sit for a little while and rinsed it off. I was so excited- NO SMELL, well a little, but it was sooooo much better. I did it again! TA DA!!! My trees don't have a smell anymore. I was so excited! Finally, and to think I almost gave up. Those are the cleanest trees in the world right now. So word to the wise, make sure when buying at a garage sale to know what the items have "lived" in!

This is my new project. It used to be an entertainment center, but it will soon be a toy organizer for the toy room. I will post the end result hopefully soon! I'm so excited about it. I have BIG plans.

This table is another find from the garage sale. Isn't it beautiful! It is even the really heavy duty wood! I love it. I bought for 20 bucks with the intention of refinishing it black or a darker brown for my basement, but it seems to look nice in my newly empty living room. It is taking the spot the piano used to be. Hopefully we'll get a piano in there again soon, but until then, I think this works.
What do you think? Should I refinish it or leave it the way it is?