Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Free Valentine's Day fonts

I had a few requests yesterday for Valentine fonts before Valentine's Day so I hurried and put this together.  I did make 2 mistakes...2 of the fonts actually aren't free (oops, my bad), but they are noted!! 
Hope you enjoy creating with all these fun fonts

Lw Doodle-sorry this one isn't free (oops)
Snf Classy charm- small fee

Monday, February 8, 2016

FREE Fun Fonts #1

Do you love fonts as much as I do?  I have so many fonts and I am always getting more!  If I can find free ones that's even better!!  
Here is the first in my font series.  I have tons I want to share with you!! These are my FUN fonts.  Hope you enjoy them! Click on each font to download

There you have it!  Happy creating

Ponderize 1 John 4:16- God is Love Free printable

Another "LOVE" ponderize scripture in honor of Valentines Day!  
How is your ponderizing going?  Are you still going strong, or are you just starting again?  Both are great!  I say just do what you can!  There is always room to improve and start over!!

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Click on picture to download

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Howard W Hunter Lesson 5 handouts- Joseph Smith, Prophet of the Restoration-Free Printable

This is a great lesson that had so many great quotes.  I had a hard time deciding what to use.  I really liked this one because it is helps us see how it applies to us!

I hope you are enjoying the lesson handouts.  I have really enjoyed reading the lessons.  

This is a 4x6 printable.  You can print at home or send it to your favorite photo lab! The bottom is an 8x10 with multiple images!!

Click images to download!

Please feel free to share!!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Ponderize John 13:34-Love One Another Free printable

It's February!!  I thought I would do ponderize scriptures with the theme of LOVE for the next few weeks!! I hope you enjoy!

Click on picture to download!!

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 Click picture to download

Friday, January 29, 2016

Choose the Right Printable- Now FREE

Choose the Right printables now available for FREE!!  These popular printables have been available for 1.99, but TODAY they are FREE!!  
Click on picture to download

click photo to download

Self Confidence-FREE printable

I made this for a friend as a special order and I thought I would share it!  I really like the message of it.  Doimg scary things is HARD, but as we do them they get easier. I need to repeat this everyday! Stepping out of my comfort zone is NOT my favorite thing to do!!
 It is a 4x6 so it will print easily at your favorite 1 hour photo or printer!!

Click on picture to download